Corporate Clients

irish health insurance corporate clients

If you are a Company looking at this page you will likely fall into one of three categories:

  • No Scheme in place but would like to provide subsidised or paid benefits for our employees.
  • No scheme but would like our employees to be able to avail of more competitive premiums through a salary deduction facility that does not require the company to subsidise premiums.
  • Company Paid Scheme but would like an independent review to ensure we are getting best value for money and ensure that we are being offered best advice at renewal.

In each of these instances we can help you!

Why use IHI?

In short, we do the tender for you.

  • We do the tender - Rather than sending a request for tender to the insurers directly, we use our expertise to ask the right questions on your behalf and our market knowledge to tailor offers to suit your requirements, rather than the insurers needs.
  • We present our findings in a way that clearly benchmarks one offering against another so you are best placed to make an informed decision

IHI work with a large number of companies across a range of sectors in, setting up, reviewing and renewing their Health Insurance arrangements. Key to this is understanding the following:

  • The client's company and what their business is
  • The type of employees they work with
  • What their competitors are offering employees across their industry & competitors

Aside from simply being protection against large medical bills and offering speedy access to the best care, health insurance is also a retention and recruitment tool.

Whether your needs demand a scheme that is company paid, salary deduction, a percentage allocation of premium to employees, or whether you simply want to use us as a facility to offer choice, navigation and value to your staff, we can help.

Reviewing your cover does not necessarily involve a change of insurer. Often a change of plan will bring about the change that is required with little disruption. However where it does, switching your health insurance provider has never been easier.

We have experience in managing and servicing large and small corporate schemes with requirements for all ages and professions. Part of this service is the provision of:

  • Transition Plan
  • Staff & Management Communication Strategy
  • On-Site Clinics
  • Staff Presentations
  • Staff One to Ones
  • Wellness Programmes & Initiatives

We understand that, one size does not fit all when it comes to meeting the health insurance needs of your family. This is just as true, if not more so when providing for you employees.

For companies who have existing cover in place we provide a full audit on your current arrangement and provide a detailed comparison and quote on the most suitable alternatives in the Irish market.

Remember, we do the tender for you.