Financial Broker

We are delighted to announce our membership of the Financial Broker scheme. This allows us to beome your valued financial partner and advisor, assisting you with all areas of financial planning.

Irish Health Insurance operates as Insurance Broker with respect to the following coverages:

  • property and causality    Property and Causality including Employee Workers Compensation
  • property and causality    Benefits Programs of Health
  • property and causality    Dental
  • property and causality    Life
  • property and causality    Disability
  • property and causality    Vision Coverage

Irish Health Insurance is hereby authorized to negotiate directly with current insurance companies in respect to changes in the existing insurance policies. In addition, this authorizes Irish Health Insurance to be furnished with any information they may request as it pertains to our insurance contracts, rates, benefit schedules, surveys, reserves, retentions and all other financial data they may wish to obtain for their responsibilities in connection with the insurance program to which this applies.